Friday, January 30, 2009

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sivaguru said...

useless srilankan government. why r take action against tamils. tamils were the original people of srilankan. but ur peoples were settled in 2 B.C after Ashoka dealth in india. past year history u know about tamils were defeat JAYAVARDHANA, CHANDIRIKA, PREMADASA, NOW useless rajepakshe. ur r punished international court. our population nearly 8.5 crores. but population just 1.5 crores. so, pls stop ur millitary action against our tamil civilians. ur are begging nearly 8 countries. after war you are economically down this is a truth. so immdtly stop ur useless war and give all rights tamils. srilanka is not a buddist country. you will announce srilanka is democratic country all equal rights in tamils. suppose u will not give. our peoples are punished very soon.